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The River Conon offers some of the finest salmon fishing in Scotland

Fairburn Fishing Partnership


River Conon


1. Junction Pool. It is agreed that the Junction Pool extends from the mouth of the Blackwater down to Chisholm’s Burn (below the Brahan Hut).

2. Boat Pool. The Boat Pool Extends from Chisholm’s Burn down to the end of the Wall on the Brahan Side as marked by the white posts.

3. Bridge Pool. The Bridge Pool extends from the tail of the Boat Pool (White Posts) down to Moy Bridge.


4. It is agreed that the number of rods between the mouth of the Blackwater down to Moy Bridge shall be limited to two on either bank.

5. It is agreed that, for example, if a rod on the Brahan bank starts fishing from the Blackwater down to Chisholm’s Burn (The Junction Pool), a Rod on Fairburn bank may not start fishing the Pool until the Brahan Rod is at least half way down the stretch.

6. Similarly, if a Fairburn Rod starts from Chisholm’s Burn (The Boat Pool), the Brahan Rod should wait until the Fairburn Rod is half way down the Pool.

7. Either bank may fish one Rod on the Junction Pool and a second Rod on the Boat Pool. Equally, there is nothing to stop either bank fishing one Rod on the Boat Pool and one Rod on the Bridge Pool.

8. However, over each stretch, when the Rod on either bank comes to the end of the Pool, they must, if a Rod on the other bank wishes to follow them down, give way to the other party on the opposite bank, who then has the right to fish the Pool next. 

9. On no occasion may a Rod on either bank get into a pool in front of a Rod on the opposite bank. The second, or waiting rod must wait until the fishing Rod has fished half way down the Pool.

10. It is agreed that if a Rod on either bank finishes fishing a Pool and there is nobody on the opposite bank waiting to fish it, the first Rod may go down the Pool again.


11. When a Rod on either bank finishes fishing a Pool and there is a Rod on the opposite bank wishing to fish that Pool, they must have priority over the first fisherman going down again, or a second Rod from the same bank following the first Rod down.

12. In the event of any dispute arising between Rods, the ghillies shall, in the first instance, try to resolve the issue in accordance with the above rules.

13. Failing an unsatisfactory situation arising, the ghillies are to contact their Fishing Managers for further direction.

River Conon

Fairburn Estate has two and a half miles of fishing on the River Conon on the Lower Fairburn Beat. The Fairburn Upper Beat was sold some years ago.

The Fairburn Lower Beat starts from above the Blackwater Junction to the Orrin Junction. There are more than thirteen named pools on this stretch of the river offering some of the finest salmon fishing in Scotland. 

A Ghillie looks after fishing customers. Five rods may fish the beat, cared for by the Ghillie. Fishing is from the bank (strimmed for 2 miles), wading when the water is suited or from a boat when the water is high. We have three boats available for use in selected pools.

Rods are available individually from the start of the season in February until May; thereafter customers take on all five rods for the week. This continues until the end of September when the season closes.

Rod Prices. Contact our Ghillie, Russell Mein on: 07717294981, or email us at:

River Orrin

Fairburn Estate has just over 7 miles of the River Orrin. The Orrin has been a sanctuary over many years for salmon since the Orrin Dam was built in 1959 as part of the Conon Valley Hydro scheme. Water flows through a pipeline in the hill, North to the Conon at Loch Achilty for electric power generation. As a result, the water flow down the Orrin is often at compensation levels. Added to this, the banks of the river Orrin have for many years been infested with rhododendron (ponticum), which we have cleared for over 2 miles, allowing pools to be seen that have not been visible for well over 80 years. There is ongoing work to encourage more salmon back to the river, but many challenges have to be overcome.

Fairburn Angling Club

Fairburn Angling Club was set up many years ago to provide employees on the estate with fishing. The Club still exists and offers local people with the opportunity to fish a salmon beat on the river Conon, trout fishing on the river Conon and trout fishing on the Orrin Reservoir. Contact: Ali Hunter – 07879054282

Fishing enquiries

To find out more about fishing opportunities/charges and booking, please contact our Ghillie, Russell Mein – 07717294981, or email us at: