Estate Office: 01997 433273

The scattering of ashes on Fairburn Estate


By law, people must contact Fairburn Estate – The Estate Office: or Tel: 01997 433274 to seek permission to scatter ashes on estate land. We will need to know where you intend to scatter the ashes. If it is a suitable place, approval will be given.

Whilst accepting the practice, Fairburn Estate would like to make it clear that there are certain do’s and don’ts – all of which are reasonable from environmental and practical considerations. They are:

  • No permanent memorials, benches, markers or tree planting is permitted
  • Placing natural flowers is acceptable if discreet and free from wrapping, ties, etc.
  • Avoid scattering ashes on land where animals are grazing
  • Don’t leave the ashes in a pile, as it is unpleasant for others and can impact the soil
  • Use an ashes scattering container, or ‘scatter tube’ to help you scatter ashes in a controlled way
  • Scatter in a secluded area, away from other people
  • Be aware of the environment, don’t leave non-biodegradable objects, like the urn, behind
  • Avoid scattering ashes during busy periods, such as Bank Holidays
  • Try to choose a day with calm weather
  • The estate can’t guarantee that the site will be preserved for posterity

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We are sensitive to the process of the scattering of ashes, and we respect that the deceased has a special connection to Fairburn Estate lands.