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Welcome to Fairburn Estate

A Historic Estate in the heart of Ross-shire, Highlands of Scotland 

Fairburn Estate


Fairburn Tower

Fairburn Estate


Fairburn Estate

Autumn morning glory

Sunrise looking West


Fishing is the beating heart of the Estate, the River Conon and Orrin are the two rivers that flow through our beautiful landscape. A wonderful and exhilarating experience awaits you on our two rivers. Contact us today to arrange your fishing adventure.


The history and traditions of Fairburn Estate guide what a modern and environmentally managed estate aims to be. Sustainable, community-focused and offering employment and opportunity to all. Please take a look at our proud history and story.

Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Wildlife on the estate will thrive if undisturbed.

Please can we request if you are walking your dog on the estate, it is kept under close supervision or on a lead. 

Your dog should not bounce or bark at other walkers and their dogs or riders on horseback.

Please take all litter home with you.

Thank you.