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Personal Safety on Fairburn Estate


The area of ground that makes up Fairburn Estate is located in a very beautiful part of Scotland, but the local weather conditions are unpredictable and can change rapidly. Mobile phone coverage is limited over the estate, so we would ask that you please consider the following:

Download the app – what3words

If you are walking the hills or long-distance cycling across the estate, you let someone know your route, and if you decide to change your route, it is very important you inform someone of the change. Also, let that person know your estimated timings from and to your start point.

We recommend that you carry a map and compass, carry extra layers of clothing in case the weather changes, and wear appropriate footwear.

Ticks are prevalent in the area. Please make yourself aware of the symptoms of Lime Disease should a tick attach itself to you.

Wildlife (birds, mammals, reptiles, insects) do not thrive if dogs run through their territory. Keep your dog (s) under control, especially during the breeding seasons. Pick up your dog’s poop and take it away, or have the courtesy to use the ‘stick and flick’ method to remove the poop from the path of other people.

Thank you.