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River Conon

Fairburn Estate has two and a half miles of fishing on the River Conon on the Lower Fairburn Beat. The Fairburn Upper Beat was sold some years ago.

The Fairburn Lower Beat starts from above the Blackwater Junction to the Orrin Junction. There are more than thirteen named pools on this stretch of river offering some of the finest salmon fishing in Scotland.

A Head Ghillie and an Assistant Ghillie look after fishing customers. Five rods may fish the beat, cared for by the Ghillies. Fishing is from the bank (strimmed for 2 miles), wading when the water is suited or from a boat when the water is high. We have three boats available for use in selected pools.

Rods are available individually from the start of the season in February until May; thereafter customers take on all five rods for the week. This continues until the end of September when the season closes.

Lower Fairburn Beat Rules: for the Junction, Boat and Bridge Pools can be obtained by
clicking here.

Rod Prices. Contact Peter Hingston on: 07831-244409, or our Estates Office, on: 01997-433273 or by email to: peter@fairburn-estate.co.uk


River Orrin

Fairburn Estate has just over 7 miles of the River Orrin. The Orrin has been a sanctuary over many years for salmon since the Hydro Scheme built the Orrin Reservoir. Water flows through a pipeline in the hill, North to the Conon at Loch Achilty for electric power generation. As a result the water flow down the Orrin is often at compensation levels. Added to this, the River Orrin has for many years been infested with rhododendron (ponticum), so it has not been fishable for some 3 miles.

We have recently cleared over 2 miles of the Orrin of rhododendrons, opening up the river. Pools can now be seen that have not been visible for well over 80 years. We have now decided to re-open the river for both salmon and trout fishing although, we still have much work to do to make it fully accessible.

Fairburn Angling Club

Fairburn Angling Club was set up many years ago to provide employees on the estate with fishing. The Club still exists and offers local people with the opportunity to fish a salmon beat on the Conon, trout fishing on the Conon and trout fishing on the Orrin Reservoir.

Fishing enquiries

To find out more about fishing and all other sporting opportunities / charges and booking, please contact myself, Peter Hingston, on 07831-244409, or our Estates Office, on 01997-433273, or by email to: peter@fairburn-estate.co.uk


For a map of the Conon Lower Fairburn Fishings, click here

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